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3D Chess Map Testers needed: 7/29/2019 18:59:07

Level 59
Map code is 4yva
3D Chess Map Testers needed: 7/31/2019 01:59:12

Level 50
Hi Mike, played a test game on it and submitted a review with food for thought. All in all nice work. In the future, may be nice to explain how to use a code for those unfamiliar with it, I'm not familiar with it.

If it wasn't for it being featured in new maps, I wouldn't have been able to test it

Update: Made a community level challenge out of your map, so hopefully that can be helpful as well (its a custom scenario with a distribution mode I suggest incorporating into your map and highlights the statements I made in the review)

Edited 7/31/2019 09:14:34
Posts 1 - 2 of 2