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"war of zargos" buggy? No Boni: 7/28/2019 08:12:24

Level 37

just started playing "war of zargos and without the country group Boni, it seems impossible to beat. Is there a bug lately?

Thanks for your advice


"war of zargos" buggy? No Boni: 7/28/2019 08:20:41

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
it is ment to be like this.
"war of zargos" buggy? No Boni: 7/28/2019 13:24:04

Level 50
No Moinee, the challenge is beatable, although it is tough. For your first few moves, build a big enough army stack to take on the waves of castle itak and take it out first. Once you do that, seize the other nearby castles (Zargos and Kahil) and make your way to confront the Archduke who will be your biggest challenge while collecting other castles.
"war of zargos" buggy? No Boni: 8/1/2019 14:30:03

Souna Cat
Level 45
Just finished it, and won by staying hidden in my castle until reaching ~50 armies while others kill themselves on the front door. After that took Itak first, then Kahil, etc.
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