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Stuck on Hold The Line: 7/23/2019 07:39:16

Level 24
I keep getting overwhelmed by the enemy team. My AI teammate is of no apparent use. How have you guys and gals beat this level?
Stuck on Hold The Line: 7/23/2019 09:30:26

Timinator • apex 
Level 66
run a stack into the big boni and then wipe the floor.
Stuck on Hold The Line: 7/25/2019 22:52:58

Level 50
1st turn: 1st move, take podezeno territory, if your AI partner takes it before you, restart the level. Take the other 2 territories of the bonus. Have two stacks take the carpento territory
2nd turn: Complete the bonus by taking the last area (use combined stack from you and AI to take vigolzone). Have you final order take Ponte del olleio
3rd turn onwards: Focus on eliminating AI 4, then AI 3 and deal with AI 2. If you manage to get lucky and your AI partner breaks AI 2's bonus before you get to it (makes it easier to net a gold star), deal with AI 2 and 3 simultaneously.

Hope this helps
Stuck on Hold The Line: 8/4/2019 19:15:23

Level 60
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