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Help for map Triple Threat: 7/22/2019 15:59:39

Level 25
Any help is greatly appreciated. Is my last map to complete all the single player maps and cannot proceed


Actually, I am about to kill the big boss and getting ready for the 100 that multiply... I will need help there :)

Edited 7/22/2019 20:38:20
Help for map Triple Threat: 7/23/2019 13:55:15

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
After trying this twice: no clue. Eliminating the 20 boss is easy. Focus on getting the +15 to your east, and use your emergency blockade cards properly, they're the easiest way to get rid of the bosses. However, when the +100 dies (after a turn or 7) he clones himself into several +90's that spawn at random points in the map, not even necessarily in his territories; one literally spawned inside my +15 bonus..

But I guess you got as far already (: I'd say, send a message to mod, he's the recordholder :P
Help for map Triple Threat: 7/23/2019 21:50:21

Level 25
I just finished that map in 104 turns!!!

I took my time cause is just worth it.

After playing the map several times, I realize that best Technic is do the following...

Step 1> Use Emergency blockade and kill the 20hp boss in the first turns.
Step 2 > focus on occupying South Cyclades +15, Crete +5, Dodecanese +5 in the following turns
Step 3 > Expand from Sparta going up to take over all enemy land.
** Allow your partners to fight along with you the 100hp and the 400hp boss

Here is the tricky part...

I killed the 400hp boss first

.. and then allowed the 100hp to wonder around when gradually post 100+ army reserve south and east on the map.

When time was right, i killed the 100hp (and as you already know), he created clones.

Now I move all my reserves around the clones and slowly killed them all.

ps. If you can kill them all at once will be great. To me I kill them one at the time and it worked, is just takes longer.

Overall, an amazing and interesting map on my home country.

Well done :)
Help for map Triple Threat: 7/24/2019 04:28:01

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
I'd say, send a message to mod, he's the recordholder :P


Triple Threat: Won in 34 turns

your approach was correct though. abandon-kill the 20boss, that would grow over time in the first 2-3 turns. then get rid of the 400 boss (abandon works well here too) than whittle down the cloning boss. really sucks when a clone kills a stack of 100+ armies btw.
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