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Advanced Diplo Mod V4 - usage of AIs: 7/8/2019 18:55:02

Level 57
Since there seems to be some confusion around the usage of Ais in combination with the Advanced Diplo Mod V4, I just made this thread to clarify some stuff:
1. Players turned into AI are being treated the same way as normal AIs
2. You can not offer an alliance to an AI
3. Depending on the settings AIs will not declare war
This does not mean they will not attack, if they are already with someone in war, they will continue to fight the persons they are in war with, but if they are not allowed to declare war they will not attack(without war you cannot attack and you start in peace)--> they will not attack. If they are not in war this does not prevent them from using cards, that they are allowed to use
4. You don't have to fight AIs
Even though you can not ally AIs, AIs will always accept peace, which means you can just stop fighting them whenever you like
5. If you were allied with someone that became an AI, you are still allied with the person
The AI will not break this alliance and declare war even if it is allowed to declare war on players
6. Als might seem aggressive but since they can not declare war in most games, you do not have to worry about them stacking up armies at your border. I will probably make a new mod that prevents Ais from deploying in order to let them be just placeholders for booted/surrendered players.

some other side nodes, since you can not attack without war, it is intended to use gift cards for territory trading instead of the sometimes common normal attacking and a other side node is: allies do not auto declare war, your allies have to do so manually.

Edited 7/8/2019 19:06:20
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