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Big Brother USA: 6/2/2012 10:50:35

Ruthless Bastard 
Level 62
Looking for testers for a game based on the show big brother.

If you never heard of Big brother its a cutthroat reality show.

8-14 players play 4 rounds the player with the most kills against any one player gains the power to nominate 2 players. These 2 players have 5 rounds to do whatever it takes to get the other killed (alliances, truces, bribery). If both fail in killing the other than the players vote on which of the 2 they want out, the player that gets the most votes must surrender.

As soon as a player is voted out the next player with the most kills against a single player nominates two more players and the process continues. When only 3 players remain the player with the fewest territories surrenders and the final 2 fight for the win.

It uses some not so standard settings.

Only nominated players can be eliminated, if a player deals the eliminating blow on a non nominated player they must surrender.

Everyone who gains the power to nominate also gains immunity from nominations for the next round. Immunity ends at final 3

You cannot gift card/Diplomacy card a nominated player. Nominees can gift but cant diplomacy themselves.

The Nominator names two players
1. player a
2. player b
the vote is not done in chat its done with a gift card, gifting any player 1 troop means you want to vote out player a. Gift 2 troops and you want to vote out player b.

When someone becomes a nominator, the player that took all the damage cannot be used again.
Big Brother USA: 6/2/2012 12:37:24

Level 53
can you invite me because i don't meet one of the recommandations.
Big Brother USA: 6/2/2012 13:00:48

Level 30
I don't understand the Open Seat requirements - at most 600 minutes (=10 hours), but the direct boot set to 3 days?
Big Brother USA: 6/2/2012 13:09:25

Level 50

That's the average time. My multiday average is 5 hours, but I mostly play games with 2 days boot time. That's because I don't always commit orders at exactly 5 hours, but sometimes in a minute, and sometimes in 1 day and 16 hours. If the requirement would be set at 3 days average, anyone with that score is likely to go over that half of the times, so there's a 50% chance of that player getting booted in that game. If you set it at 10 hours you're on the safe side.
Big Brother USA: 6/2/2012 13:14:12

Level 30
Ah, I see (I don't meet another requirement but that isn't important).
Big Brother USA: 9/13/2012 22:52:36

King of Kingz • apex
Level 55
Hi you i will take down the world under me
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