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Suggestion: Auto Surrender Option: 6/15/2019 23:25:02

Level 59
There could be an "Auto Surrender" option that you can toggle on and off. If it is on, you will automatically surrender during the distribution phase instead of getting booted after the timer is up. (For example if you created a real time game and forgot about it.) I'm not sure about you guys, but this is where most of my boots come from.
Suggestion: Auto Surrender Option: 6/16/2019 14:26:27

Emu Pub 
Level 65
Yes nice. And add the option to auto surrender to certain clans like mh.
Suggestion: Auto Surrender Option: 6/16/2019 16:35:00

Level 63

Warzone Creator
The whole point of a boot is to punish those who inconvenience others. It's an inconvenience to others to join a game and then not play, so that's the real problem we want to fix. Instead I'd want to address why you're forgetting that you joined a RT game -- for example, is the game taking too long to start, or are you not getting a notification? We should work at speeding that up, so you never forget.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3