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Anyone know VBA?: 6/9/2019 08:03:20

Level 63
Trying to use VBA macros to do stuff in Excel. I’m getting a weird bug that says an object required when there are clearly objects when testing if a value is equal to another value.

Will add code to give more context later if anyone understands the language.

Note that I had to write the code manually as it’s impossible for me to record a macro for what I want it to do.
Anyone know VBA?: 6/9/2019 10:16:25

Level 56
Hard to say w/o any code at all. The object might not be correctly initialized or there is a type-mismatch.

I suggest to post at least 3 lines:
the declaration of the object(s) (if used)
the initialization of the object(s)
the call that throws the error

and any line that modifies the object or it's properties/methods

Edited 6/9/2019 10:16:47
Anyone know VBA?: 6/9/2019 20:28:31

Level 63
Required references (under Tools):
Visual Basic For Applications
Microsoft Excel 16.0 Object Library
OLE Automation
Microsoft Office 16.0 Object Library
Microsoft Scripting Runtime

Private Function IsInArray(valToBeFound As Variant, arr As Variant) As Boolean
'DEVELOPER: Ryan Wells (wellsr.com)
'DESCRIPTION: Function to check if a value is in an array of values
'INPUT: Pass the function a value to search for and an array of values of any data type.
'OUTPUT: True if is in array, false otherwise
Dim element As Variant
On Error GoTo IsInArrayError: 'array is empty
    For Each element In arr
        If element = valToBeFound Then
            IsInArray = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Next element
Exit Function
On Error GoTo 0
IsInArray = False
End Function
Function RangeTypes() As Scripting.Dictionary
' https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/3391/Using-the-Dictionary-Class-in-VBA.html
' strange keys as vba is case in-sensative and doesn't seem to recognize that i'm tring to override methods
' _ character is invalid at variable start
' using dictionary to make maintaining cell types easier
    Dim dict As Scripting.Dictionary
    Set dict = New Scripting.Dictionary
    With dict
        .CompareMode = vbBinaryCompare ' case sensative
        .Add "BLANK", "blank"
        .Add "TXT", "text"
        .Add "BOOLEAN", "boolean"
        .Add "ERRR", "error"
        .Add "DTE", "date"
        .Add "TIM", "time"
        .Add "NUM", "number"
    End With
    Set RangeTypes = dict
End Function
Function RangeType(theRange As Range)
' https://www.extendoffice.com/documents/excel/1796-excel-check-determine-data-type.html
' useing as Range.DataTypetoText doesn't work - want to check if cell realy is a date to prevent converting an invalid date - doing so raises an error
' Application.Volatile

Set theRangeType = RangeTypes()

Select Case True
    Case VBA.IsEmpty(theRange): RangeType = theRangeType("BLANK")
    Case Application.IsText(theRange): RangeType = theRangeType("TXT")
    Case Application.IsLogical(theRange): RangeType = theRangeType("BOOLEAN")
    Case Application.IsErr(theRange): RangeType = theRangeType("ERRR")
    Case VBA.IsDate(theRange): RangeType = theRangeType("DTE")
    Case VBA.InStr(1, theRange.Text, ":") <> 0: RangeType = theRangeType("TIM")
    Case VBA.IsNumeric(theRange): RangeType = theRangeType("NUM")
End Select
End Function
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Fills month-year for Monthly Summary
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+m
    Dim monthYearsToUse() As Variant
    ReDim monthYearsToUse(0 To 1)
    Dim allCells As Range
    Set allCells = Worksheets("Main").Range("B3:B900")
    Dim aCell As Range
    Set rangeTypeTypes = RangeTypes()

    ' MsgBox (allCells(1).Value)
    ' sdictonary ("key"), Not dictonary.Key

    For Each aCell In allCells
        Dim cellDate As Date
        Dim cellDateNoDay As Date
        Dim cellDataType
        cellDataType = RangeType(aCell)

        If cellDataType Is rangeTypeTypes("DTE") Then
            cellDate = DateValue(aCell.Value)
            cellDateNoDay = DateSerial(Year(cellDate), Month(cellDate), 1)
            If Not IsInArray(cellDateNoDay, monthYearsToUse) Then
                Dim lower As Integer, upper As Integer
                lower = LBound(monthYearsToUse)
                upper = UBound(monthYearsToUse)
                ReDim Preserve monthYearsToUse(lower To upper + 1)
                monthYearsToUse(UBound(monthYearsToUse)) = cellDateNoDay
            End If
        End If
    Next aCell

    ' monthYearsToUse will later be used to write each value into "Monthly Summary"
End Sub

Worksheet sample:

Debugging info:
Anyone know VBA?: 6/9/2019 23:12:13

Level 56
Hello again,

cellDataType = RangeType(aCell)

is not returning an object, but instead a value/item of the Scripting.Dictionary (in this case as String). And that value is based on the cell type of the cell (the key) as you know.

So you need to compare just these two Strings:

If cellDataType = rangeTypeTypes("DTE") then

Hope that helps.

Edited 6/10/2019 00:55:42
Anyone know VBA?: 6/11/2019 18:55:19

Level 63
That works, thanks :)

Thought Strings would be considered as Objects...
Anyone know VBA?: 7/4/2019 04:30:02

Level 53
I know VBScript, does that count?
Anyone know VBA?: 7/4/2019 05:27:49

Level 63
Kind of. Has similar syntax.
The issue is resolved anyway...
Anyone know VBA?: 7/6/2019 22:42:44

Level 53
I think it would've been faster to solve with an MCVE, though.
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