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need advises in "a battle in jerusalem": 6/9/2019 07:02:36

Level 60
hello everyone !

well even though i have been trying many times I cant figure out which strategy has to be made to play this map...
i know i am not the best player but on this one i am surely missing something !
The "citadel of konya" is rewarding a 10 army income to tha AI and the time needed to get there is too long to avoid that.

If you have a few ideas that would be helpful

thank you

need advises in "a battle in jerusalem": 6/14/2019 02:21:12

Level 54
This is for single player, is it?
need advises in "a battle in jerusalem": 6/19/2019 09:53:01

Level 56
don't focus on that to early! take the forts in the north-west and west. Defend, but also spread. Beware of army cap!
AI will run into army cap, wgen going to much in defense. So play offense!
As far as i remember, i had the citadel of Cairo before Konya. After that, i walked from west to east.
need advises in "a battle in jerusalem": 6/19/2019 20:36:12

Level 60
thank you for the adices !!! will try another way !!! trying to get Konya fast is killing me.
need advises in "a battle in jerusalem": 6/26/2019 00:35:59

Level 26
Remember too that army placement is in the forts (mostly), not on the front lines. Retreat into your supply line until you can overwhelm his initial stack that's likely following you, then chew into his supply line until your own stack is getting weak, then retreat a few steps again. Also, if you want to have last attack in a turn, have lots of singles to move to delay your big offensives. i.e. instead of moving your supply line up a single column of territories, spread it into multiple columns. Finally, pay attention to whether or not he moved before you the previous turn if you want to get a first move attack.
need advises in "a battle in jerusalem": 7/6/2019 05:24:16

Flat Earth
Level 58
What I did to get a 30 turn victory was rush Konya, taking all the small 3 forts along the way. You can trick the AI into attacking one of your territories and then you can attack the territory they came from with your stack to take Citadel of Konya without destroying their stack (would take too long, AIs would overencumber you). Once you have Konya, you can start to fight the AIs and it won’t be too bad as they will also be fighting each other.

Also in the late game you will very easily reach the army cap so don’t be afraid to do bold attacks as you will likely be able to redeploy those troops in a more strategic position.

Edited 7/6/2019 05:26:50
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