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Hints for Single player L94 "Survive and Thrive": 6/5/2019 15:19:07

Level 49
When playing the new Single player level, i came now to level 94, where i have no idea, how to solve that.
I all the levels before, i had some ideas, how to solve, but this level seem to have no solution.

I tried to stack armies in the first 3-8 turns, before spreading: No success.
I tried to spread fast: no success.
I tried to walk with a stack in one corner, to grow from there: No success.

At turn 8-12 one of the AIs dominates the game.

Thanks fo any hint, how to solve that level-
Hints for Single player L94 "Survive and Thrive": 6/6/2019 06:03:58

Timinator • apex 
Level 65
from what i remember i played really greedy. went to the south and let the AI fight eachother in center
Hints for Single player L94 "Survive and Thrive": 6/6/2019 07:13:31

Level 49
I will give it a try, thanks!
Hints for Single player L94 "Survive and Thrive": 6/29/2019 11:46:31

Level 28
Yep - tried just running for the middle lower island and grew from there. As long as the other guys do a reasonable job of fighting each other its all good.
Hints for Single player L94 "Survive and Thrive": 7/28/2019 13:29:33

Level 48
I can confirm Viceregal's strategy works well (netted me a gold star). You will be building your base on where AI3 sets up shop


turn 1: Take the karaj territory, most of the time, its ignored completely.
turn 2: Take Halla (where AI 3 started)
turn 3: Seize Ulgor
Turn 4: send 2/3 of your stack into Azathia bonus region and use the remaining 1/3 to seize the cales bonus region territory (For the next few turns, build up your base with Azathia and Cales and expand from there. You should be able to sweep the challenge from there.
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