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Single player lost points (forever?): 5/31/2019 06:01:14

Level 56

I for a while the single player levels were not awarding points, I had started to think maybe they were not supposed to however a recent update said this bug has been fixed and now they do give points.

I am wondering if there is any way to obtain the points I has missed for the 20+ levels which did not award me points previously?
I have attempted to re-do some of them but have been given nothing.

Some of the levels I gold starred I have lost out on 5k points multiple times, which may not seem a lot but I it's a level or two for me.

Are these points forever gone?
Single player lost points (forever?): 6/5/2019 23:02:48

Level 44
Hey Nick, I can't really say whether or not your points can be returned but maybe if you go to help at the top of the page beside your profile and ask the guys about you problem - they may be able to help. excuse the pun.
Single player lost points (forever?): 6/11/2019 18:00:18

Level 49
Are they awarding points now? They were glitching out, so I stopped playing them until they can be fixed. One of them says I beat it in 0 turns.

I was hoping the not awarding experience was a glitch.
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