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Bouses on Crimea map.: 4/7/2014 14:51:36

Level 5
I plan to make a standard version of this map. (with the usual bonuses, not strategic points)
However, I have no idea which territories assign to bonuses.
I think it is too little territories and should be separated into several parts.
What do you think?

Edited 4/7/2014 14:52:14
Bouses on Crimea map.: 4/9/2014 00:43:59

Arc Light
Level 53
If you are wanting to make a more popular map, I suggest you divide the territories more. Because generally, from my experience(and I got a feeling someone is going to hace to correct me on this), people generally like to play games on maps 100-300 territories. But there are plenty of people out there who like playing quick games, and this would be a good map for it. If you can find a map with more divisions of the region, then try to trace that map. However, if you can't, your map is still good, its not lacking detail. But you may want to add some sort of decoration.
Bouses on Crimea map.: 4/9/2014 00:51:05

Level 57
70-120 territories will suffice for a strategic map. If you want to divide the territories further you should look into province divisions. For example, Berlin (Germany) is one city, but has several Bezirke (regions?) within the city. Follow a similar idea for Crimea and your problem should be solved.
Bouses on Crimea map.: 4/9/2014 17:55:59

[NL] Lord Jotham
Level 47
I actually won on the Crimea map that is currently out as Ukraine...
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