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Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/26/2012 23:00:44

Yaxvi {WorldWarDominace}
Level 3
Hello people who are hosting games with COMPLETE FOG
Alot of people doesnt play complete fog games
So people who are hosting or is gonna please do the following
1# Tell the people this is complete fog or put it up on the name of the game this allows people to relise this is complete fog not light medium or anything some people will leave if its complete fog so better off putting comeplete fog on the game tittle
#2 Tell them not to Skip to End with turns many people do skip to end it is not good at all in my view especially in Complete fog CUZ if u just move around then u keep attacking a territory and u just think diff things when really its a person when ur turn ends it should say SHOW TURN SKIP TO END SHOW ALL And options like that if this is 2 min boot just press show all cuz it will show 1 part that u need to know and will save u time.
#3 The most important rule of all if not Warlight is no game at all and this is very important rule is to HAVE FUN!!!!
Thanks people who bothered to read this. Really Appreciated
Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/26/2012 23:32:00

Level 50
How can you actually play in complete fog with wastelands? That just seems impossible, who knows whether it's a wasteland you're attacking or a player.
Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/27/2012 02:32:29

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
@Moros: Investigative armies.

I guess it adds a new, fair element to the game, as neither of you will know the existance of the wastelands untill after running into them, so it gives the defender more of an advantage in the long run, as you 'know the terrain' as it were.
Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/27/2012 04:13:48

Level 48
This is an awesome setting for a game


oh, read settings and stuffz, sometimes the host even writes something about the settings in the description box, but nevertheless, you should still check the settings yourself, always.
Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/27/2012 17:40:03

Level 44
Moros, Complete fog with wastelands is incredibly fun...

I love complete fog because it takes out some of the micromanagerial aspects of the game, which I find rather tedious rather than enjoyable.. ofc' they are replaced by mathematical elements to figure out army amounts in each location, but still..
Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/27/2012 22:09:27

Level 46
|> who knows whether it's a wasteland you're attacking or a player.

If it attacks you right back, it's probably a player.

Fun strategy: put a lot of armies (almost as many as a wasteland, don't counterattack, wait three or four turns, roll through all his 1's like a bulldozer; who ever defends against a wasteland? :p

Another nice combination is complete fog + multi-attack. \*evil grin\*
Complete fog *Hosts*: 5/27/2012 22:23:23

Level 50
Well, I also have something to say about multi-attack on large maps, but that would be a different thread.
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