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GOT Diplomacy Settings & Rules: 5/26/2019 02:49:51

art a waw
Level 54
Hi everyone! First of all thanks for reading in advance.
I have been developing some ideas that I would like to share with anyone interested especially if you offer feedback that leads to a great game.

So I am working on a few different ideas we will break one down, gameplay, Ideology, roleplay, etc. (if anyone replys)
1.) Fief/Liege Lord (working title)

Limalias gargantuan westeros
Castles & territory connected by color = Fief. Territories in a fief = Positions. Alliances MUST be solidified by a Liege Lord or (LL) gifting a position in his/her fief to a ward. A blood family member from a Lord's house, maybe a squire or lady in waiting sent to strengthen alliances and serve the LL. A ward takes an unbreakable oath NOT to atk LL or wards in the same fief. A wards armies must be 1 unless LL declares otherwise, wards will atk/def @ the service of the LL, they may be permitted to expand in the name of the LL. Any territory connected to the wards position = vassel to the LL. If a ward captures a castle the LL may grant a Lordship and reward them with a castle. Vassel can be severed upon Lordship. Only A LL or King (K) can grant Lordship. The house a ward hails from CANNOT be held accountable for a wards actions. The LL is responsible for them. All of a wards actions must be permitted by LL. A DOW on a LL = DOW on all wards in fief. LL DOW = DOW from all wards in fief.
Wards are wholly removed and separated from the houses and Lord's who sent them. They are related by blood but require individual DOW. Wards = strength of allegiance. When a K/LL/or Lord declares war on another K/LL/L whichever side has more wards from other K/LL/L wins support. Tie for strength of allegiance negates obligations.
Wards can be hostages taken after a war follow same rules as other wards. Wards can be murdered no DOW required.
GOT Diplomacy Settings & Rules: 5/26/2019 02:54:31

art a waw
Level 54
Local Deployment
(Castle) Income Key:
50-55 Lord Paramount
Certain castles deviate slightly such as:
*Cleganes Keep
*Baelish Keep

Income from Castles + Cities
GOT Diplomacy Settings & Rules: 5/26/2019 05:17:32

art a waw
Level 54
each region will have a Lord Paramount and all other players start as lesser Lord's (square castle) and must earn ranks and privelage.
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