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Strange Single Player Glitch: 5/23/2019 15:08:23

Level 62
I just completed the new Far Land single player scenario. After finishing it I went back to the status screen to see if I had earned a gold star or not. The status screen showed that the scenario had not been beaten yet.

I clicked on it to see if it would take me in and put me back at my last move. To my surprise it just started a brand new game.

I logged out and came back an hour or so later to check again. This time it showed that I had completed the scenario and that I did earn the gold star. However, when I hover over the star it says that I completed the game in 0 turns.

This is by no means important, but I though I'd bring it up in case it is part of a bigger problem.

P.S. What does the little radio tower icon in the bottom right corner for each scenario signify?
Strange Single Player Glitch: 5/23/2019 16:36:16

Level 63
Did you know that there’s a proper place to report bugs? Help > contact > report bug.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2