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"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/6/2014 17:57:30

Level 56
this game is made to start off at a specific time in history (1756)
and play our own history but in 'historical routes' which means under the historical conditions.
The main differences between normal warlight setup and this are:

I. : your INCOME is not just based on what you are owning as boni but on several
other factors like
1.military stucture(therefore prussia starts stronger than the sum of its
2.economic structure(thus the netherlands are stronger than their bonus)
3.administrative structure (which is worse in the ottoman empire and the
polish lithuanian commonwealth)
=> this happens by negative sanction cards

II. : you will be sometimes kind of frustrated as UPRISINGS will occur, if you wage to much war or if you want to keep territories with foreign population.
=> they will come from the "gameleaders-territory" which is connected everywhere

III.: If you are eliminated you will be probably able to take over a new empire
because there are all the time more empires than players,
- empires are created by uprisings
- once a player is gone, his empire will change its owner but not cede its
=> Some of the minor empires will be hold by the GAMELEADER(that why the big part of the map is copper rose/ teal in the games linked above)

Realistic historical conditions are enusured by a GAMELEADER, who will try to stay neutral but who will have the RULE over the game, it's his decision how much sanction cards he ALLOWS you to play on yourself in order to increase your income.

I started the next version starting at 1836
and with the constellation of the end of the last game,
butMap, rules, players and settings are updated.

If you agree to follow the Rules and if your historical knowledge is great enough to know what happened in 1756....
.. then I'm sure your can give it a try!

Post me!

Edited 4/7/2014 17:04:40
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/6/2014 18:04:58

[NL] Lord Jotham
Level 47
Sure, if I can play as the Netherlands...
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/8/2014 20:03:25

Erik Tiber
Level 9
I'd be interested. I'm not sure where I'd prefer to be yet, but I'd be fine with pretty much anywhere.
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/8/2014 20:52:50

Level 49
As I mentioned before, I'll join.
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/11/2014 19:26:08

Level 56
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/12/2014 14:02:25

Level 56
now this is the last chance to join the game, it will start tomorrow
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/12/2014 15:26:12

Lord Veigar
Level 28
Count me in. I would like to be Prussia.
"Historical Europe" Sequel : roleplayers requested: 4/12/2014 15:53:32

Level 60
I'd like to join any slot is alright with me,nice scenario btw man.
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