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Advanced Diplo Mod V4 Final Test game: 5/9/2019 16:50:07

Level 57
I made this thread since I am looking for some testers for a Diplo mod. It had already some closed test games, which should already have fixed most bugs. But just to make sure there are none left, this game is to do a test with more players, in case something been overseen during those testing games.

-War/Peace/Alliance management system
-Card restrictions to players in certain relationships(e.g. Bomb against Ally)
-Ally vision(allies see your territories)(due to settings)
-AIs are passive against players unless players declare war against them(due to settings)

Changes to V3:
It got adapted in a way people requested it to be, so that changed:
-removed trading system
-improved history management(better visualization cross turn) and adapts that will minimize the chance of storage space issues
-removed auto war declaration of allies

Edited 5/9/2019 19:11:52
Advanced Diplo Mod V4 Final Test game: 5/9/2019 21:30:31

Horrid Henry
Level 57
I'm down. I'd love to see your diplo mods. Should be good :)
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