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The town of Pheonobix: 4/5/2014 15:42:26

Level 30
Here is a new map I have created:
I am fully aware of the problem with bonus borders overlapping so please don't tell me about that. I will keep that tip in mind for any future maps I do.
Please notify me of any spelling mistakes, missing connections or balance problems with the map.
I will be running a test game so tell me if you want to take part (6 player warlords).
I currently have planed to make the background look prettier (like medieval background).

My other map (WWII) will be coming out soon.
The town of Pheonobix: 4/11/2014 00:13:00

Arc Light
Level 53
Interesting. Maybe you should add in some decoration. Put in some forest around the city, make a name for the river and put it on there, or something.
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