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Leval Up Idea: 5/21/2012 18:25:04

Level 58
I got a idea to improve warlight. Why dont we have a levaling system with wins acounting for a sort of EXP. For example to get to leval 2 you could win 1 game. Then to get to leval 3, 3 wins. This would encourage more play on warlight. I open the idea to you lot and Fizzer obviously.
Leval Up Idea: 5/21/2012 18:28:06

Luxis • apex 
Level 51
Sure, but what is the point? A rough overlook of how experienced a player is? The "Total wins"-line already does that.
Leval Up Idea: 5/21/2012 18:37:16

Level 50
And what do you get for levEls? Does having a high levEl get you points, and if you have enough of them you can buy membership?

And you may have completed a thousand games and be levEl 100, but you may have lost 900 of them, meaning you are still a bad player.
Leval Up Idea: 5/21/2012 19:00:06

Level 53
this has been proposed before i don't think this will ever work plus i agree with moros and luxis
Leval Up Idea: 5/21/2012 19:06:42

Level 55
This is a strategy game, not an MMORPG.
Leval Up Idea: 5/21/2012 19:07:23

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Never mind the fact this such a system would only encourage multi-accounting so as to improve standing.
Leval Up Idea: 5/22/2012 01:54:01

Level 44
I think it could be amusing, if done in a kongregate fashion.. however I cannot see Fizzer implementing it with the amount of time it will take, and the lack of real effect it will have...
If it causes any in game effects however, It will likely cause me to leave.. many games have their pvp ruined by meta-gaming causing the people that have sunk more time into it having an advantage not just based on the skill they have gained.. I am happy that warlight does not give me any advantage over someone that just started yesterday...
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