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Highlight Adjacent Territories: 4/28/2019 19:25:04

green machine
Level 56
Is there a way that you can select a territory and have the game highlight all of the adjacent territories? I know if you select it you get arrows that point to all of the adjacent territories but on maps with lots of very small territories (ex United States Big in Georgia) the arrows are larger than the territory and it can be hard to tell where it is pointing. What I am looking for is a way that I select a territory and the adjacent ones change color. Does anyone know if this feature exists?
Highlight Adjacent Territories: 4/28/2019 19:34:03

Level 61
Clicking the magnifying glass button on the left of the deploy button for the arrows is the only way I think.

Edited 4/28/2019 19:34:33
Highlight Adjacent Territories: 4/28/2019 19:56:55

Level 62
Another way is to go to the attack/transfer phase and click on territories.
Highlight Adjacent Territories: 4/29/2019 14:32:15

Level 63
It also shows a list of each territory, with automated Wikipedia search links based off the name. It’s funny when the territory is named stuff like “that’s chicken in my bucket.”
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