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Some map update: 5/21/2012 09:46:31

Level 55
After played many test games and got many feedbacks, I did some changes in my maps, to improve playability.

In the Austria-Hungary map lower the values of the two capital to 1, because they were too strong starting positions.

In the Crescent Island map lower the values of megabonuses, because they were too strong as well. And did some changes in border colors and megabonus territories.

In the Civilisation Wars map made a new waterway between Papua-New Guinea and Peru, because Oceanic and Latin bonuses were too isolated.

In the Ancient World map did not make changes, but if you have any suggests just share with me.


Now I work on two new maps, the first is a Papua Island map, only the bonus borders are ready actually.

The second will be a Colonial Africa, but this is just a concept now.

I hope these changes make better plays on it, and any further feedbacks welcomed.
Some map update: 5/21/2012 19:35:02

Darth Mylor {Warlighter}
Level 13
I like the second map. What you hould do is put parts of each empire as a bonus, a capital, and a megabonus if you have all of the colonies of a country.
Some map update: 5/22/2012 01:55:59

Level 44
Urfang, I believe in the austro hungry map, they idealed it to be a 1v1 map, and many of the bonuses are skewed if trying to play it ffa.... aka, I agree.
Some map update: 5/22/2012 06:44:43

Level 55
@Mylor, good idea just a lot of work, and I want to do something with the overlaping borders as well.

@Perrin, yeah I think too that 1v1 is ideal on that map, but 2v2 can be cool too :)
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