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Toggle/overlay suggestion: 5/21/2012 01:13:50

Level 55

So in this Thread: Thread linky
There was throwing around of some ideas for overlays, or team colors.
Well I quite liked the idea so I decided to do a little drawing of a way it could be done and some other stuff, so IMAGE:

So between the order list and players I added some things, I will explain from left to right.

  1. (far left)Team Color, inactive
    When this is active each teams territories become one color.
    Example: Team 1 is red, Team 2 is Blue.
    Pros: with a large map with multiple teams, you could easily distinguish what team owns what.
    Cons: you would be unable to tell different players apart.
    Extra Notes: in the settings you could set the color that it shows as your team, member only.
    Cant be active if Team Shading is active

  2. (left)
    Team Shading, inactive
    When this is active each teams territories get a different shade of one color.
    Example: Team 1 is shades of reds, Team 2 is shades of blue.
    Pros: on smaller maps you could see what team owns what, and which players.
    Cons: It could be rather easy to get confused as to who owns what due to color similarities, and and big maps it could still be confusing
    Extra Notes: Cant be active if Team Color is active

  3. (Middle)
    Team/person Patterns, inactive
    When this is active each teams territories has a pattern to distinguish it from the other teams.
    Example, Team 1 has polka dots on there territories and Team 2 has horizontal stripes.
    Pros: When zoomed in on small maps it would be easy to see who owns what, and I believe it would be color blind friendly.
    Cons: When zoomed out on a map with small territories it would be hard to tell the teams apart.
    Extra Notes: This option would also be available in 1v1's and FFA's in which case each player is a "team"
    Which would make this a useful feature I believe for color blind and for when facing someone who is ivory.

2.(default's toggle)

  1. (right)
    Treat Teammate as enemy, Active
    When this is active, treat teammate as enemy would be the default option when conducting attacks.

  2. (far right)
    By percentage, inactive
    When this is active, by percentage would be the default option when conducting attacks.

The first two options I cant see being all that useful in small team games, but if there are multiple teams or large teams conducting battle they could be very useful.
The third one mostly for color blind players, or as an alternative to the shading of teams.
The last two are mostly for saving time.

I hope that is all I wanted to add...
Comments and critiques are welcome.
I might add it to the user voice... I feel the User voice is not that effective but if I do I will post it here.

Toggle/overlay suggestion: 5/21/2012 03:23:41

Level 54

@Overlays: I like it, nice work

@Default: Absolutely awesome! :D I've been meaning to suggest that, but never got around to it (mostly because I couldn't think of a good way to access it; this sounds very workable).
May I suggest that when you put up a UserVoice you consider including a camera toggle in the proposal as well?

While I understand why you might not feel UserVoice is very effective, please keep in mind there's only one developer working on WL (who I guess can't even work on it full time) and who's been working on something big (mobile clients) which isn't really very visible to us, but probably takes an incredible amount of time.

Toggle/overlay suggestion: 5/21/2012 03:43:25

Level 55

@RvW I know Fizzers busy, I in no way meant that as a whip work faster.(sorry fizzer if it came off like that) I just don't like the system in general that the UV uses.
But I am glad you like it.
Yes the camera toggle would be awesome, I will include that... if there was a edit button shakes fist... Sigh

Toggle/overlay suggestion: 5/21/2012 03:45:44

Level 55

Need for edit button strikes again.
If anyone had other ideas for Toggles, if I deem them good (wow I sound full of myself), I.E. if they seem like something I would use, then I will throw them in when I get around to making the UV suggestion.

Toggle/overlay suggestion: 5/21/2012 08:55:23

Level 60


P.S.: Ivory is not a color but a sickness, an abomination that needs to be eradicated... /me runs off to shoot another elephant

Toggle/overlay suggestion: 5/21/2012 09:21:35

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53

I really like all your ideas here. Nice work. i would vote for this if on User Voice

Toggle/overlay suggestion: 6/7/2012 00:09:02

Level 55

Well I finally got around to posting it on the user voice. :P

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