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{rp} The Warlight Roleplayers Guild.: 4/3/2014 06:35:30

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
This will be a short introduction to the Warlight Roleplayer's guild. If you're interested in reading the fluff, our bio is here: http://warlight.net/Clans/?ID=3 . Our lack of titles are due to a current civil war. Our lands and ranks have yet to be decided.

Now, before you complain, yes this is indeed shameless plugging. You see, we are creative folk, we have a lot of ideas bubbling inside our little skulls. However there's only so much we can do and so much we can play. We need players to fill our games! Mature fellows who enjoy writing and immersing yourself into interesting characters.
If you'd like to play with us, please let me know!

Now, to the juicy(boring) part:
We are a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy roleplaying. We have existed prior to the creation of the "Roleplaying Clans" and their various games and are rather different due to that. In essence we are just a regular clan.

We enjoy gaming together in all formats; we enjoy competing internally and externally, along with trying out odd game variants (that require an honour-code to play since the gameplay is different than regular games). The Spheres of Influence and other scenario's are a perfect example of these.

Our ethos is our community. When {rp} was formed we wanted to create a place where Roleplayers could come together and enjoy each other's company. We had no idea we would spark a craze in Warlight that would spawn so many interesting things.

Now there are tons of clans devoted entirely to roleplaying! Not only that, there are so many now that they can create images and niches for an entire roleplaying experience! The League of Nations, The Mongols, even T4R! What a wonderful assortment that has arisen.

Amongst such unique creativity, where is the space for little old {rp}?

The same as there always has: We are a small community that enjoys roleplaying. We roleplay in some of our Warlight Games and also in our forums and other games when we get the chance.

We offer an active community, frequent games, mature (mostly) interaction and a place you can call home. We can teach you in strategic play and probably assist you in anything you need.

We'd love to meet new players and invite similar fellows into our fold. If you want to join a friendly community and enjoy roleplaying, perhaps you should consider sending us a message.

If you're interested in sparking a little battle between your clan and ours, don't be shy about messaging us! Our skill level ranges from the dismal to the amazing, and we're happy to fight anyone of equal standing.

Thankyou for reading through my poorly written babble. Feel free to spit, snarl and flirt with us below.
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