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My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/1/2014 14:06:18

Level 10

Hi, I've created this some time ago. There wasn't really an Europe map, that was about those territories I have on my map, without much Russian territories; or with much enough detail in Germany/France/UK, which I find the most interesting to play on.

I tried to make the provinces be worth as much as they are worth in real life; of course, due to balancing, not all are, especially not the 'super-bonuses'.

This is also supposed to be a diplomacy map. If you look at the distributions, almost no starting country has a whole super-bonus. There is often something missing.
Image: http://imgur.com/Xi4nkwl

I think the map is almost complete, but I might have forgotten some connections between territories, thus it needs testing.

Comments and/or testing offers are welcome!
My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/1/2014 15:34:51

Level 50
You seem to like Latin names. Might I suggest Hibernia for Ireland, Norvegica for Norway, Suecia for Sweden, Flandria for Flandre, Dania for Denmark and Lutetia for Paris Region?

And you could give Ireland the whole island, so you can make Wales a separate superbonus called Cambria.
And Amhem in the Netherlands (or Frisia) should be Arnhem :-)

Edited 4/1/2014 15:35:54
My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/1/2014 17:45:12

Level 55
It is a strange mix that the bonuses have medieval borders but the inactive regions have present day borders.

And I just now spotted the carriers :D

Edited 4/1/2014 17:46:52
My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/2/2014 02:21:51

An abandoned account
Level 56
I have to dis-agree with you on almost every name you chose for the territories in England.

Truao should be Cornwall
Exeter should be Devon
Bristol should be Summerset
Dorchester should be Dorset
Southampton should be Hampshire
Trowbridge should be Wiltshire
Gloucester should be Gloucestershire
Oxford should be Oxfordshire
Brighton should be Sussex
Dover should be Kent
Clemford should be Essex
Cambridge should be Cambridgeshire
Leicester should be Leicestershire
Worcester should be Worcestershire
Shewsbury should be Shropshire
Stafford should be Staffordshire
Norwich should either be Norfolk, Suffolk or East Anglia

I got this far with typing them and got too bored. There are more but I can't be bothered. I don't see why you went to the effort of getting the shapes of countries so accurate, then not bother using the names.
My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/2/2014 06:23:29

Level 50
There is no "right" name for a territory. It seems to me like he simply used the largest city name in that area, and you use the names of the general regions.
My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/2/2014 07:14:25

Level 55
Anglia was the old name of England? Why they changed? Hungarians call England as Anglia today.

This is a 11. century map? I made an AD 1000 Europe map with similar borders.
Maybe mine is too small for rpg games perhaps should just split territories into smaller ones. Would be better that?

Btw I am ready to test but maybe the heavy regional bonuses will make the game crazy too fast.

Edited 4/2/2014 07:51:48
My new North-West Europe Map - needs some testing: 4/2/2014 09:13:08

Level 10
It's a great idea to change all names to latin, I'll probably do it later.

As Moros said, I used City names for territory names. 1. This way I find it more intuitive; 2. There is no double naming of territory and territory-bonus; 3. I could keep it consistent with all other names on the map; 4. I could join together 2-3 different shires, and just choose one city name, instead of combining a few shire names.

This is a modern day map with medieval bonuses, (because of balance), (and because medieval regions are cool). I used a NUTS3 region map, and joined some regions together for it to look like it looks now.

I made medieval bonuses, because I wanted to have present day borders in the diplomacy scenario, but to have
almost no starting country with a whole super-bonus.

And I like your map, I've seen it before. I wanted my map to have France, Germany, UK, Scandinavia only. I made the border in the east on the Odra river. Actually there's some back-story on why it is that way, but it's unrelated to warlight :D
This way I could have a reasonable amount of states in the diplomacy scenario (17), states with the borders I wanted. I believe, that the upper limit was 24, when I started creating this map.

And yes, I'll probably do a scenario with alternative bunus-values, but for now I have no idea, how it should look like.

Edited 4/2/2014 09:13:58
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