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Multiplayer menu: 5/17/2012 20:46:28

Level 46
not sure if this has been discussed. In my multiplayer tab i have multidays and realtimes. I know that there is a filter, which is very helpful. I usually keep it on active games btw. Is there an option or would it be possible to somehow divide multidays and realtimes into like two seperate tabs, like an internet browser? or possibly have them be in different colors? something discernable. I obviously know which games are different but it would make it easier if this was possible. thank you
Multiplayer menu: 5/17/2012 21:19:44

Level 60
Isn't this a bit useless? You are mostly playing the realtime games in a single hour, so there won't be a lot real-time games on your multiplayer menu. Only if you are playing multiple real-time games at the same time you have more of them on your menu, but since it is real-time (mostly you must make your turn in 5 minutes) all of them will be opened in tabs (That is how I do it)
Multiplayer menu: 5/17/2012 22:47:29

Level 46
Can't remember seeing it being discussed (but my memory is not perfect, I don't read all threads and I've only been here half a year). Personally I agree with min34, that seems to be the easy solution. However, if you still want to propose it, the easiest (and "official") way to make the suggestion is by going to UserVoice.

On [UserVoice](http://warlight.uservoice.com) you can type up the suggestion (think "elevator pitch": keep it short and clear; feel free to give a little thought to the phrasing, because once you've posted it, you can't change it any more). Then post a link to your suggestion here, in this thread, so people who agree with you can easily find your suggestion.

Of course, if (almost) nobody can even be bothered to post an "oh yeah, great idea!" post here, your chances of getting a lot of votes on UV are slim... (Then again, this thread's only been here for a handful of hours; supportive comments might still be on their way!)
Multiplayer menu: 5/18/2012 00:26:45

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
He may not mean on his ´my games´tab, but instead on his open games. That way, if you´re interested in both real time and multi day games, the colour coding would help alot!
Multiplayer menu: 5/18/2012 01:39:15

Level 23
I am a bit confused on the meaning of where the color coating is being requested for.

"I know that there is a filter, which is very helpful." - Can refer to either the Open Games tab or the My Games tab
"I usually keep it on active games btw." - Refers to the My Games tab as all Open Games are active already in a sense.

Still, if there was color coating for all games, it would still be useful if you were looking back at past games. It could also be used on the Favorite Games section on a profile.
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