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a cool idea: 5/16/2012 11:30:04

Level 28
what if we had the choice to make a territory into offensive mode and defensive mode, defensive mode will give the territory an extra 10% luck or more of defending a territory and the offensive would give a territory and extra 10% to attack, to know if a territory is in defensive mode is that a territory it is activated is more bolder in the territory.
a cool idea: 5/16/2012 16:51:21

sasha grey
Level 54
not so cool idea
a cool idea: 5/16/2012 18:07:54

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
If you are saying that people can just pick which territories have which bonus, then you might as well just increase the offensive and defensive luck (or kill rates? You aren't very clear on this point) of the game itself, since there's no reason that players would not use the bonuses all the time. The alternative is that the game generates some territories to be Offensive and some to be Defensive.

The problem with this idea is that, with the exception of choke areas for the defensive bonuses, very few territories can reliable fill either role.

Let's say you are playing on the standard Earth map, and say, Ethiopia is Offensive. How often are you ever going to use that bonus? At that point it becomes a waste of Fizzer's time.
a cool idea: 5/16/2012 18:32:25

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
i have to agree with ben


it could be good in some sort of map where the gameplay is similar to that of WWI (the trenches) but in a regular map the bonus would be wasted.

Another example:

Normal Europe

imagine you start in iceland and have an offensive bonus

whats the point

it could help in the first couple of turns but if your opponent used a defensive bonus in a territory near you then it would cancel

also, after driving the opponent out, that bonus would not have a use
a cool idea: 5/16/2012 21:01:18

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
For the record, Raptor also agrees with Ben.
a cool idea: 5/17/2012 17:57:46

Level 48
you could use a card on a territory to give it these stats for a certain number of turns.
i assume the attack-territory would only get the bonus for attacks that happen from that territory ?
a cool idea: 5/17/2012 18:15:02

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
If I am remembering correctly, the idea of having a card to create that function has already been brought up, and it might even be on uservoice. That is a much better solution to making territories stronger under certain circumstances, and if you can change some dynamics (change the kill rate, change duration, etc) it could be a fairly useful card. 10% more kill rate would seem rather low for a card slot, though, if that were made the default.
a cool idea: 5/17/2012 23:05:14

Level 46
|> i assume the attack-territory would only get the bonus for attacks that happen from that territory ?

Not necessarily; since nothing is stopping you from playing it on an opponent's territory. If you can attack it from multiple of your territories, that might make sense.

|> 10% more kill rate would seem rather low for a card slot

Are we talking about "ten percent" or "ten percent **point**"? If the default is 60%, adding *ten percent* would make it 66%, while adding *ten percent point* would make it 70%.

Also, what happens you go over 100%? I think that should be disallowed (for instance by bluntly capping at 100%), since it would completely change a lot of fundamental expectations (such as currently 10 attackers cannot possibly, under any circumstance, take a territory defended by 11 or more defenders).

A possible solution would be to not increase by a certain percent, but to bring it some percentage closer to 100%. (This requires far higher percentages to be interesting, so let's use 25%.) For instance 60% default + 25% boost --> 40% below 100% + 25% boost --> 30% below 100% --> 70% effective.

Do these cards stack (read: what happens when you play multiple cards on the same territory). Note that the suggestion in the previous paragraph works very nicely when stacking is allowed: every additional card gives an additional advantage, every additional card however gives *less* advantage than the previous one, it is impossible to ever reach a perfect 100% kill rate (but you can get arbitrarily close) and it's impossible to ever go over 100%. While this is a nice solution from a mathematical and game-technical point of view, it is more difficult to explain to players, which is a definite drawback!

If you want to make this card more interesting, you might specify the boost is only valid for attacks made by the player using the card (and probably his team members). That would make it possible to apply it on an entire bonus, instead of just a single territory, without also boosting the enemy's counter-attacks. Take a look at the Reconnaissanc / Spy / Surveillance cards for possible ways of selecting target territories.


ps. I agree with Sasha, I don't like the idea. Still, that shouldn't keep me from brainstorming, right? :p
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