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Excruciate: 2/28/2019 21:24:57

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Time to EXCRUCIATE! What's the most shamefur thing you have done!!! Several years ago (4-5) I read the MLP - Fallout Cross over Fallout Equestria with 600,000 words then I read a sequal by a different author Project Horizons with 1700000 words. Then I read broken steel with 250000 words totaling 2.5 million words. TLDR I read the equivalent lenght of the bible three times in pony Autism or four time war and peace. Twas 3-4 years ago still End my suffering
Excruciate: 2/28/2019 21:33:05

Level 57
Was it any good?
Excruciate: 3/1/2019 01:19:53

Level 56
What if the most embarassing thing is so embarassing and disgusting that you're afraid to even tell the EU-ans (who practise dog intercourse)?
Excruciate: 3/1/2019 01:22:16

Level 63
I was the balloon boy. on tv.
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