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Real Time Diplomacy: 2/11/2019 15:45:21

Ian Smith
Level 36
Hi guys,

It's been years since played "Warzone" (That was a shock). Any how, I used to love playing diplo realtime games, I always found multi day games too slow paced and would lose interest. I was wondering whatever happened to this game mode?

If any one wants to set one up give me a shout! I miss it.

Real Time Diplomacy: 2/13/2019 08:05:44

JP idk
Level 57
I think that quick match made less people check real time games, so it’s hard to get a diplo started. I find any diplo real time games I join nowadays ends up with most people being booted. Also maybe the time of day you are playing has changed and so less people are on at that time. You might want to join a diplo clan to get more diplo games btw.

Edited 2/13/2019 08:06:25
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