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New Map. Comments / Suggestions / Opinions: 5/10/2012 21:25:33

Level 1
I just finished this [MAP](http://WarLight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=12708) last night and before I start asking people to help test, i'd like to ask a couple questions and get some feedback to questions that i'm considering but am not quite sure on.

1) Make Suburbia Playable or keep it as Background?
2) Subways or no Subways?
3) Should I add more Boat accessible connections?
4) Airport Connections (as in make small airstrips to connect to other places or something like that) ?

Any other comments or suggestions are nice as well

New Map. Comments / Suggestions / Opinions: 5/10/2012 21:55:38

Major Risk 
Level 51
More distributions? Cities?
New Map. Comments / Suggestions / Opinions: 5/10/2012 22:32:37

Level 46
The stadium has a "**vistor** parking".

The tents on the camping grounds are incredibly small; zoomed out it will be impossible to see which colour they have. Is their something you can do about that? You could consider making the "tents" *not* a part of the territory (just a background drawing). Or do you think that the big circles will be clear enough?

The connections on the golf course are very confusing. I understand they are in order of the holes, but I don't want to have to memorize the order of the holes to be able to play on this map... If you don't want to link, for instance, hole 8 and hole 18, please think of a way to make it completely clear (by simply looking at the map the very first time!) they aren't (and *shouldn't be*) connected.

Could you invent a logo for the subway system, and replace every subway territory with it (instead of a simple rectangle)? Currently I'd conquer a subway station, completely unaware it has a connection to halfway across the map, then next turn get attacked from a place I never expected.
New Map. Comments / Suggestions / Opinions: 5/11/2012 06:25:51

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Have you worked on bonus values much? Some of the bonuses have a lot of territories in them, and are worth about 4 armies. That, in and of itself isn't bad, but if they're offset by a lot of smaller bonuses that are much easier to get (subways are +1 each) the large territories become moot. See the Game of Thrones map.
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