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Help with a The Man In The High Castle CS.: 2/5/2019 02:13:50

Level 55
I'm currently making a custom scenario based on The Man In The High Castle. Long story short, the Axis win WW2 and the world is divided between Germany and Japan.

I already did quite a bit but I need help with actually finishing it, making it fun, balanced and all.

The world is divided between The Greater Nazi Reich and The Japanese Empire, the two strongest nations in this scenario, and they control several puppet states. Neutral Zones are spread around the world.
Here's the draft: http://prntscr.com/mgpn9o

Every puppet state has to deal with a Resistance unit within its territories. The puppets' capitals are controlled by their counterparts.
For example, in this image http://prntscr.com/mgptxz you can see the American Reich, the Resistance in orange, The Reich controlling Canada's and America's capitals, and the Neutral Zone to the left. (note: Maryland is neutral and worth negative armies because it was nuked in 1945; subject to change)

So, this was a summary of what I have so far and what the main idea is. If you're interested in helping, join this discord: https://discord.gg/hMKrCQS
Help with a The Man In The High Castle CS.: 2/6/2019 03:47:50

Levi Zendt
Level 15
Sounds fantastic
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