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[REGL] -> The Red Eagles: 3/27/2014 19:41:50

Level 56
Since this forum is new, I figured a new thread to introduce us would be welcome. REGL is a community first, and a clan second. This means that anyone who wants to join us for fun, friendly competition, or chat is welcome to use our site and join our community, weather you're in REGL's WL Clan, a different clan, or prefer to go it alone. Our site is REGLClan.com.

The REGL WL Clan uses this site to host our intra-clan ladder, hang out in chat, discus games, strategy, and just about anything else in our forums, and we even have Warlight embedded in our site so you can play WL and use our chat at the same time. Anyone interested in joining our clan should end me Mail or create a 1v1 to talk. We have low requirements for entry, and instead utilize our intra-clan ladder to separate the skill rankings of our active members. Only the top members of our ladder are used in inter-clan competitions.

We try to keep our environment light and carefree. We don't have a lot of restrictions or obligations, but there are a lot of options for activity for those who chose to use them. While we're not the highest skilled clan here, we are one of the original clans, and have been around longer than all of the "top skill" clans have been (other than WM, we started around the same time).

Feel free to ask questions here or mail me if you want more information. Comments are likewise fine, just keep it friendly please.
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