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How shameless can you be?: 5/3/2012 19:23:23

Level 60
The question is not rhetorical, I'd like to see specific examples, and can they beat this:


The whole story is on the public chat :) Enjoy and post other examples ;)
How shameless can you be?: 5/3/2012 21:29:22

Level 49
|> vote to end?

This one really cracked me up!
Fantastic stuff. Maybe I'll send that guy an invite some day. Just for kicks.
How shameless can you be?: 5/3/2012 23:26:06

Level 7

Large file, chat doesnt really get overloaded till Turn 30. And yes, I was as much a deuschebag in this game as pirulito was, but i was pissed at him for being such a deuschebag, i turned into one XD
How shameless can you be?: 5/4/2012 01:09:11

Level 58
considering he booted both his teammates, that isnt really shameless, just really, really stupid. ive seen people boot players on the other team in multiday games, but not their teammates who hadnt yet moved on the same turn.
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