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The computer cheats: 5/2/2012 23:06:14

Level 1
I have found that the computer cheats like a mofo. It must literally base its orders upon how you play your orders. I have had the computer reinforce the single territory of its I was going to attack on more than one occasion. Were it a human playing against me, they would have had no idea I was going to do that, therefore would not have been able to counter it.

Is there some way of stopping this?
The computer cheats: 5/2/2012 23:18:38

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
By not playing predictably.
The computer cheats: 5/2/2012 23:22:36

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
As Noob said, don't be so predictable. Attack multiple enemy-held territories (1 with 2-3 armies, a 2nd with the rest). Go against your first instinct of which territory to attack and go for the second option.
The computer cheats: 5/2/2012 23:31:39

Level 2
In other words, it's not cheating: just better than you.
The computer cheats: 5/3/2012 01:35:08

Level 2
lank it, they fall for multiple attacks, after you break original lines they fail
The computer cheats: 5/3/2012 03:29:03

Level 53
ais are predictable,if a territory of theirs has more than one of yours they might attack so you need to defend that territory strong enough.Show no weakness defend your borders well.
The computer cheats: 5/3/2012 13:48:32

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
AI Tip,

They'll generally attack with exactly 2x what you had there the previous turn.

EX: you have an AI Territory with a large stack of 15 that borders 4 of your territories, each with 2. The AI will likely attack each of your territories it borders with 4, with the exception of one that will bear the brunt of the attack.

So, assume it deposits the majority of its income to the stack of 15, so now it has 25, It will attack territory 1 with 4, territory 2 with 4, territory 3 with 13, and territory 4 with 4.

You can easily win 3/4 of those attacks simply by adding 1-2 armies bordering the AI.

When you don't have enough income to wipe him out first, A tactic that I like to use against an AI stack is to put 2 in each of the bordering territories except 1 where I put everything that I can. Then, after executing all of my other turns, I attack the AI stack first with my large stack, then move all of my other 2-3 armies into the AI's spot.

Its very likely that the AI already dispersed most of his armies attacking as described above, and you'll just amass all of your armies into where he vacated and the next turn, you'll have a large stack right next to him and can hopefully take him out the next turn with first move.
The computer cheats: 5/3/2012 15:17:36

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
The best strategy against the AI is to attack in more places than it can defend. The AI is horrible on defense, and okay on offense. Just knowing that, you should attack more than you defend. Break more bonuses of the AI than it can of yours, until it no longer has the strength to fight back. (Notably, this last part also works well as a general strategy against most players).

Also, it's rarely a good idea to try and take out a large AI stack (unless you have the income to do so reliably), but instead walk around it and use small amounts of troops as John described for defense, to limit the number of territories the AI takes. If you take out 5 territories for each 1 it takes of yours, you will win, even if you can't currently stand a chance against the big stack you think you have to deal with.
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