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Greater Middle East: Upper/Lower Egypt: 4/30/2012 12:52:09

Level 55

I've received a few comments about Egypt.

Upper and lower are designations based on height above sea level. The Nile flows from a higher area (Upper Egypt) to a lower area (Lower Egypt), the former being in the south, the latter in the north. So the south being called Upper and the north Lower is the way it should be.

An aside: I think a map of ancient or modern Egypt would be cool. It could be a one of a kind map, if the Nile and the geography were used creatively enough...
Greater Middle East: Upper/Lower Egypt: 4/30/2012 20:10:32

Level 53
also there was a time in which eygpt was split into 2 kingdoms upper and lower eygpt then they were united by the upper king i think.I thought that's why you did that.
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