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Roleplayers Realm.: 3/23/2014 02:30:43

Level 8
I start this thread beacause there could be a recruiter from Roleplayers Realm. I don't know how to join a clan but if a recruiter sees this, please recruit me beacause i love RPing.
Roleplayers Realm.: 3/23/2014 03:20:25

Level 54
T4R is a great clan for roleplay. Constant clan games happening, and with my recent promotion, I can guarantee you have fun :)

This is, of course, if you're simply interested in roleplay itself and not that specific clan.

Best of luck
Roleplayers Realm.: 3/31/2014 07:39:17

Level 36
As for future reference : I can send you an Invite as long as you have been vouched by other members in the Realm.
(Edit : I've incl. in the biography how to join after I saw this)

Edited 3/31/2014 07:51:55
Posts 1 - 3 of 3