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Unforgiven: 4/24/2012 13:10:29

The Concueror
Level 2
Everybody blacklist and report Unforgiven.
He is a jerk and you cannot say anything to him! He will backstab you anyway!
Unforgiven: 4/24/2012 13:41:25

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
Perhaps you could post a link to the game in question, and quote something he said (if not in public chat) which leads you to say this?

I doubt that anyone is going to blacklist him just because you said to, and part of your complaint seems to be that he backstabbed you, which is a common and normal thing to have happen in an FFA.

It's also possible that he doesn't speak English, so getting mad at him for not responding to your messages seems pretty unfair.
Unforgiven: 4/24/2012 14:45:28

Level 3
[here is a link to Unforgiven](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105695/)
Unforgiven: 4/24/2012 14:55:57

Level 60
lol @ sewerrat
Unforgiven: 4/24/2012 15:30:38

Level 53
backstabbing happens all the time ,you just should not let your defense down,make your opponents fear you ,be ready for a back stab and warn other players in the game so the other players know the sort of player he is so they can refuse his alliance or be more careful.If all else fails bring him down too move through his territories with a large force which means even if he kills them they will have left a lasting impact on him he might not recover from or for recover slowly.
Unforgiven: 4/28/2012 17:15:05

Level 48
concueror, you have a been booted at a whopping 24% of the games you played in, meaning you re already automatically barred from any of the games i make (usually max 8-10% booted) yet i would listen to you for whom to blacklist ??
Unforgiven: 5/1/2012 14:52:23

Level 8
A truce is not an alliance. It can be broken with an advance warning, or not. Only with those you trust a lot can you leave your borders open (1 army). With the majority, you'll leave armies relative to what you think their income is, so they can't sneak attack in there. I see a lot of shitty behaviour in Warlight, but this is something you just have to prepare for.
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