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THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/20/2012 18:48:39

[UN] dkristopherw
Level 29

In a time of acute angles running around the forums trolling people, and people who are Sharpe but somehow still dull, I believe the time has come for me to put my foot down. This madness has gone on long enough. A new age is rising. I hereby announce the formation of NO clan.

This clan is only open to those players who do not wish to form a clan or participate in any trigonometric functions that wish to try something once, realize that they are better than one person, and then never actually play the game again, thus being undefeated. Our slogan will be to be decided and we will never let anyone know that we are in a clan. We have no symbol, and no one can sign up. (It’s a lot like a walk-on high school tennis team.) When we play the game, you’ll know us by the fact that we look just like any other Warlight player.

Do to the very nature of the clan, (that’s with a “c”) there will be no leader (or wizard). Clan battles will happen randomly, and probably will end with someone getting booted because they stopped playing altogether.

As my first act as not a member of any clan, I hereby declare that all members of this nonexistent clan quit, thereby Inceptualizing the amount of nonexistent nothing that it is currently occupying. Since around 1-100% of Warlight players are contributing to the disease that is pointless and arbitrary postings on the forum, it is this clan’s mission to separate them from the rest of society, thereby incorporating them into another society, and then we’ll fight with sharp sticks or something, and then rejoin in peace and harmony unless we don’t. (That is ARBITRARY postings, not Obituary postings. We are deeply saddened by your passing.)

In order to supplement (sunglasses) our compliment (another pair of sunglasses) of clan members that are not in our clan, all those bearing a clan tag or not bearing a clan tag shall be considered simultaneously both in and out of the clan, much like a black hole devours mass, but somehow shrinks. (Seriously, this is a particularly interesting fact in relation to the nature of our universe. Atoms are actually ripped apart so completely that they obtain negative mass as they pass through the event horizon. Learning is fun, am I right? (sunglasses))


Darius Kristopher Wilkes
THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/20/2012 18:59:48

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
wtf, thats all that i can say. I reckon clans that admit what they are (like mine) are better then people who want to be in a clan, but also don't want to look like they are in a clan (like i said wtf).
THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/20/2012 20:12:31

Level 53
i didn't read that much because of scrolling now.
dkris stop trolling unclan already had that idea.
THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/21/2012 00:03:28

Level 35
Haha, Iron, is it still trolling if it is quite funny? Although why the text was formatted that way is confusing, and annoying.

Arun, shut up. Your opinions on anything became worthless once you decided to clutter the dashboard replying to year-old threads.
THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/21/2012 00:15:14

Level 55
sigh Arun lrn2rdkthxby
THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/21/2012 06:04:30

Level 57

So your a nudest clan?
THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER NEW CLAN!: 4/21/2012 13:06:00

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
I'm touched by the shoutout... truly an honor.
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