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I'M GOING TO ICELAND!: 4/20/2012 02:41:25

[UN] dkristopherw
Level 29

I thought I would share this. After making a very idiotic move and blowing the game, I made it my mission to go to Iceland. But there were several obstacles to over come along the way. . .

I needed a distraction, so I attacked into the Italian peninsula, and held it for a single turn. But it was long enough. I made my escape through Turkey, and fled into the wilds of Russia. There I met a large empire, which was gracious enough to allow me passage. Little did I know that my next obstacle would be the Nords. I would need to find a way to get through. Or so I thought. Their entire society collapsed over night, and the way was clear. The chase was on. Though I forgot to move one day, I still made it before the butchers got to me and my men. We fought the good fight. We died a good death.

It made me smile. Though I lost the war for Europe, I won the war for my own personal happiness, and died in my homeland of Ireland after my Icelandic tea party.
I'M GOING TO ICELAND!: 4/20/2012 03:06:32

Level 58
thats pretty funny. i dont think green would have won if you stuck around to fight him, though, so maybe you can take partial credit for his victory.
I'M GOING TO ICELAND!: 4/20/2012 05:01:11

Level 2
i think baron and king both surrendered because of seeing each other :)
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