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Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 18:56:13

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Welcome Pink Pandees, this is the thread of the Pink Pandas for recruitment.

As soon as the managers were announced it were knowledgeble where lies the underdog.
Many of you may had asked yourselves why I guarantee so soon the manager position and why did myhandisonfire picked me.
But i tell you, the only thing I guaranteed so far is just a little of respect. And that was the only thing I needed so far, because there is nothing to prove right now, because as of this moment all the respect I'll gain can only be get by good work. What I guarantee is my best in every moment. I will do my best to hire to best possible line-up, I will do my best to choose a good home template, I will do my best to choose the right squad for each game, and you can be sure the that I
will do my best to improve everyplayer's game in the squad, making all the efforts to make this team united and in constant growing.

I won't be able to play, so its not about me, its about YOU Pink Pandee, its about how much effort you can make to beat all those star managers teams, you can be sure that each win against orange, red or blue will make you feel great, because its not the result that all will be expecting.

Lets fight for the pink, lets fight for the pandas, lets fight for the girls, lets fight for everything thats loving and beautifull.

"I've fought many wars in my time. Some I've fought for land, some for power, some for glory. I suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the

rest." (Priam character, Troy [2004])
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 19:11:35

Major Risk 
Level 51
I'm open for negotiation - invite me to a game if your interested :D
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 19:15:10

Level 58
i still free ;)
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 19:26:01

Level 5
I'm also open for negotiation. Underdogs are my favourite dogs. Also I like pandas.
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 20:05:40

Level 52
I would like to be a Panda. :)
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 21:51:20

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Thank you guys, i will be in contact with you all.

Just have to say to the players at 3 and 4 that the competition is harder in your level, its 15 players at 3, and 12 at 4. So will be a hard decision in this tiers. I am trying to see if each team can pick more players of this levels.

For Strategic reasons the Pink Pandas are looking for:
- Member
- Multi-accounter
- Available for long periods

These qualities are very important for training, so I am looking for them.
Of course 3v3 quality of play is the most important. So if you are any of the above plz let me know (of course members dont need it)
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 22:07:12

Level 22
I'd like to join this team.
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 23:19:54

Level 51
Dunga, I am interested. I am a member and available for long periods of time, but what do you mean by multi-accounter?
Pink Pandas: 4/19/2012 23:37:48

dunga • apex 
Level 57
i will talk to the team about that, for now would give away some of my plans.
Pink Pandas: 4/20/2012 11:43:03

Level 60

Me and sasha grey are of the market. From now on we are playing for Pink Pandas!
Pink Pandas: 4/20/2012 11:49:07

sasha grey
Level 54
go go pink pandas!
Pink Pandas: 4/20/2012 11:56:44

Luxis • apex 
Level 51
I think of myself as a very good cat 3 player, and I believe I could add a lot to the Pink Pandas. My 2v2 and 3v3 stats not being quite up to par with my 1v1 stats is due to playing with random team mates rather than being a bad player, though I would say I am best in 1v1.

I am highly active and almost always available.
Pink Pandas: 4/20/2012 17:35:24

Level 53
i am free,good and cheap too.
Pink Pandas: 4/21/2012 11:10:54

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Today the line-up will be full and it'll be presented for the world to see.
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