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Tools?: 4/18/2012 11:52:17

Level 21
Hey, I was just wondering if there were any game script tools allowed for Warlight? I don't want anything that'd be ocmpletely unfair, just things that I could figure out on my own, and it just takes too long eg. something that tell me how many bonuses I get vs how many are still left, how much my opponent played that's visible last turn, things like that. useful stuff but not stuff that's cheating - I could figure all of it out, it'd just take me a long time.
Tools?: 4/18/2012 13:18:33

Me, of Course 
Level 16
There is. It's called the statistics window, and you get access to it if you pay for membership. I recommend it highly.
Tools?: 4/18/2012 13:20:54

Level 58

The Statistics Window gives a neat overview of what's going on.
Tools?: 4/18/2012 13:23:17

Level 50
If you're a member you could use the statistics screen, which would give you a lot of those information.
Tools?: 4/18/2012 14:21:59

Level 46
Don't worry about cheating; the server never gives you any information you're not supposed to have. (For instance, there's nothing in the statistics window you can't figure out by spending an awful lot of time on calculating it manually.)

If you mean tools like "highlight all my territories which are prone to attack but only have a single army on them", to the best of my knowledge no such thing currently exists.
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