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Game Analysis: 4/15/2012 18:05:48

Level 51
OK so this was a game with automatic warlords, so we didn't get to pick where we started obviously. On a couple turns my team debated whether what moves would be better and I would just like to see what other players (veterans especially) would do in our situation


Trn 4: I went into Czech hoping to threaten austria, team had wanted me to capture slovakia and hold it.

Turn 5: Team advised me to take slovakia while I decided to not, and so I headed into Hungary hoping to re-threaten austria. My reasoning being he'll eventually break me with his 10 bonus within 2 turns in Nitra, so no point anyways?

Turn 11: lol we were hating on each other for this :) I suggested to put all into russia and disrupt all 3 of those bonuses. He disagreed, and decided to recapture norway. To be fair he did try to harass in Russia but luck didn't go our way for that one

And in advance thanks for helping me improve my game :)
Game Analysis: 4/15/2012 18:50:45

Major Risk 
Level 51
Don't have time to analyze it all but on turn 4 i would have gone to southern moravia instead of hungary if you wanted to threaten austria as he would have to defend 2 borders then...
Game Analysis: 4/15/2012 19:10:26

Level 4
turn 11 was definitely poorly played by brown..

He could have put orange down to less than 10 income, but he was greedy and used his entire income to patch up his own borders.

You were always at a disadvantage against AI just because of your starting position, but you could have held him off for longer.

going to hungary did nothing to break his bonus, its still a 1 on 1 border. I would have gone west into southwest Bohemia to have a 2 on 1 border in favor of you. Then you could break his +3 bonus and you might have even had a chance of winning that battle if you were able to complete slovakia at the same time
Game Analysis: 4/16/2012 01:19:32

Level 51
Yeah, Czech was definately a misplay for me, but I don't think that cost us the game.
Thanks for the tips :)
Game Analysis: 4/16/2012 09:20:18

[V.I.W] ilpeggiore
Level 60
in turn 4 you go back to slovakia.

From there u couldnt attack austria. Your only choise 'd be trying to complete slovakia

attackin hungary was stupid.
Game Analysis: 4/16/2012 09:48:38

Level 58
It took iorobot 7 turns to complete Britain, Ireland and Iceland ... that should have been 5, or 6 at most, depending on luck. Brown took 9 whole turns to complete his starting bonus Sweden ... should have been Sweden 3, Norway 5, Denmark 6 instead.
After turn 6 your two teammates only had 17 income instead of the 32 they easily could have made, that lost you the game.
As for you, well, you were the piggy in the middle, with no backup there is only so much you can do :-)
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