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Season III: 4/10/2012 04:57:56

Level 35
I have just been invited to two different tournaments called "Season II", essentially practice games for the new season. However, the map (for both) is the East Asia & Oceana map. Is this truly going to be the map for Season III? With all of the support for Europe and East Asia (not EA&O), why would the new season include such a little-known map?

So, Fizzer, have you decided what map the new season will be played on? Because I would like to practice, but I don't really want to play that EA&O map unless there is a point to it.
Season III: 4/10/2012 05:00:53

Level 14
[Link to blog post regarding Season III](http://blog.warlight.net/index.php/2012/04/season-iii/)
Season III: 4/10/2012 05:40:37

[中国阳朔] V 
Level 12
The Europe and East Asia maps are both too big for 1 vs 1 battles. The East Asia & Oceania map is a good variant for 1 vs 1 though. I played some good games on it.
Season III: 4/10/2012 06:00:41

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
[20]'s 1v1 league games were played on this map. Almost every game was very interesting and close. The map provides many nicely located choke points and expansion points; it is very balanced, and quite enjoyable. I, personally, prefer medium earth better, but that's just because I have more practice on that map. This map is easily my second favorite 1v1 map.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4