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My First Map: 3/13/2014 12:18:04

Level 55
German district Esslingen, first try, please comment.
And maybe advice, how to easily get the River visible...
My First Map: 3/13/2014 17:22:29

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
wow, that's a lot of work; Handmade territories in Inkscape but it can a lot easier.

1. Draw the whole Esslingen region ( not seperated in territories)
2. Draw a line that should be a territory
3. Select that line and the former Esslingen
4. click path than division
5. Thank me

Advice: Nobody knows where Esslingen is located. Maybe you can rename the map title : Esslingen, Germany or Esslingen,Bayern (Germany)

Edited 3/13/2014 17:25:18
My First Map: 3/14/2014 10:35:46

Level 55
1. Thank you ;-)
2. I read a similar howto somewhere else after i finished the first version.
2. Thank you again.
My First Map: 3/15/2014 00:39:51

Level 59
There is a slight problem with your document size - notice how when you try to scroll east, you can't get to the "East" bonus link? To fix this, go to "Document Properties" (In the File menu) and then fix the height/width so that the square indicating the document size covers the whole map.

Otherwise it's a pretty nice first map :)

Edited 3/15/2014 00:40:33
Posts 1 - 4 of 4