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3 million points: 3/12/2014 00:12:36

Level 56
Just curious how people earn 3+ MILLION points in a month.

How many games are they playing? i play what seems like A LOT to me, but its mostly real-time games. i might get 300,000 pts a month if I do well.

I realize ladder games and tournaments generate more points, especially since all the opponents are also of high levels--but are these 3 million points people playing 5 hours a day/365?

When I play ladder games and win (which isnt a lot, so i realize BEING REALLY GOOD is a big part of this), I get about 8,000 or 9,000 pts. So to get 3 million, you'd have to WIN hundreds of ladder games--at least 10-15 every day... is this right? Most games take a couple of days to play, so even if they win 75% of their games or more, you would figure they'd have to be playing the max games in all the ladders plus a bunch of other games/tournaments.

How is it even possible? Am I missing something?
3 million points: 3/12/2014 00:24:28

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Well Mike (http://warlight.net/Profile?p=2212421006) just plays a whole crapton of glorified lottery games to get his points.


Not sure how he generates so many points from it but he seems to make at least 10 of these a day, if not more.
3 million points: 3/12/2014 00:24:41

Level 59
The 3+ million guys are lottery players. Huge FFAs give the most points and they play enough lotteries to win a majority of their points. :/
3 million points: 3/12/2014 00:24:45

Level 57
Win the lottery!!!

If you play (and win, I might add) a lot of ladder games you should haul in a good half a million pretty easy.

But really, after level 52, it doesn't really matter anymore. Until the next major update *dun, dun, dun*
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