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Question regardling scenario's: 3/26/2012 08:21:53

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
I'd like to know how it's possible to make distribution modes which would automatically assign certain territories to certain players, like this one does:

Question regardling scenario's: 3/26/2012 09:23:45

Level 41
you can use the custom scenario in the initial distribution
i have tried it on single player
Question regardling scenario's: 3/26/2012 12:04:14

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
Franco :D

As Jimlego Says when you create a game you just go to custom scenario in the initial distrution bit. This sends you to the map where you can pick territories on a map

only members can change it....so thats lucky you :)

just be warned manual depolyment doesnt work correctly so it has to be Automatic
deployment which is a shame.

For the record i thought you had already done this with that 3 player game The Precipice but now im guessing you just stole it from someone else haha :)
Question regardling scenario's: 3/27/2012 01:12:07

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
No, I know how to make custom scenario's, but as you can see in the example I posted, there are set distruibutions where each player is given the territories designated, just by using a distribution mode.

In the example you can see it like this:

7 player (a)
7 player (b)

And no, I did make that game :P I always credit who I steal from, you know that!
Question regardling scenario's: 3/27/2012 13:31:28

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
Oh i see!!! this being a map development forum you want advice on map development not just general creating a game :D

sorry my bad but unfortunatly i havent got that far in my map development carear so i dont know the answer

im sure some Map creating Guru will come along soon with the answer
Question regardling scenario's: 3/29/2012 02:42:16

Level 12
In the map creation interface:

Open the Distributions Window from the left side of your screen.

Click Add New Distribution on the bottom of the window.

Change the Type from Normal Distribution to Scenario Distribution.

Insert the name of the distribution mode (ex. North vs. South, 3v3)

In the box available, write the names of each of the distributions. (ex. North, South, Inside, Outside, etc.) Make sure that you put only one per line. These are what you see as (A),(B) on some screens.

Click Add Distribution.

Now, you can add territories to the distribution just as you add them to bonuses. Select the territory and check the box on the lower left.

That's it!


To help you a bit more, remember that Normal Distribution means that ALL players choose from the territories selected. Scenario Distribution means that players must be assigned a distribution and can only choose from those territories.


Hope that helps! Good luck!
Question regardling scenario's: 3/29/2012 06:41:23

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
Fantastic Muppet!


What about for team games? Do teams have to share one distruibiton, or can you make them have it individually
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