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Player Rating System: 3/23/2012 23:09:03

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
we have map rating system but in my opininon there should be also a player rating system if it is possible.

1. rate how good player s/he is;

usually stats dont help enough to understand a player's quality.

2. rate him/her as a teammate;

you can be best 1v1 player but playing as a teammate is completely different

3. rate his/her communication style, character etc.

helps you play with kind players or beat rude players. good vs bad :) (just joking). we may add booters to this option too. so we dont need to play first to add someone to our blacklist.

this is just an idea. i couldnt find similar thing at forum or UV. i am sorry if it has been posted before. i dont know this is an easy thing for fizzer or not. i just wanted to share. by the way sorry for my english if i wrote anything wrong.
Player Rating System: 3/23/2012 23:17:27

Level 44
would be a must to have to play with the person before you can rate him.. even still you -could- have people rating incorrectly due to grudges
Player Rating System: 3/24/2012 03:00:45

Level 54
I`ll start:
Fatih Sultan Mehmet:

how good a player is he:
as a warlight player, Fatih belongs to the true Elite, deserving 5 stars out of 5.1 stars.

as a teammate:
Fatih as a teammate is even better than as a player, since when he is on your team, you dont have to play against him. That means 5 stars ouf of 5.05 stars.

his communication style:
Posts like this show, that Fatih is a fun character, who cant possibly take anything serious, he is a modest, laidback guy, smart with a lot of selfreflection, a fun guy to be with. 5 stars out of 5.1 stars

his looks:
Fatih is famous among experienced warlighters for his looks. Sadly I am a male heterosexual, peer pressure of a homophobic society paired with envy force me to take a few points away, leaving 4 of 5 stars.

his nationality:
one of Fatihs greatest weaknesses. His heritage. Of course not everybody can be perfect and Fatih proves it by being Turkish. 2.5 of 5 stars. I will give him 4 stars out of 5 when he marries into a greek family.
Player Rating System: 3/24/2012 11:22:57

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 10
Bad idea manly because people will abuse the rate the player feature and start putting hate comment and i don't want to see hate comments thank you very much
Player Rating System: 3/25/2012 04:57:43

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
@ Perrin3088

yes. it should be same as map rating system. first play then vote

@ Myhandisonfire

haha thanks for stars myhand. i would like to give you some extra stars after your nice comment but since you got already 5 of 5 stars for each i wont be able to give. maybe there should be also extra stars option. by the way do you know a beatiful greek girl for me?

@ Yoshi. i forgot to write about this. yes i agree with you about putting comment. only "rate player" is better.
Player Rating System: 3/25/2012 05:31:45

Level 55
fatih, it's a good idea.

i looked at your favorite games/tournaments. i didnt realize you did so well in so many tournaments i made. i better stop inviting you and give other players a chance!
Player Rating System: 3/25/2012 07:09:56

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
@ richeliu

thanks gui. actually they are not my real favourite games. a couple of games from tournaments i joined. i just added them nearly 2 months ago for newbies to improve their moves.

about tournament invites; i am already giving chances to other players gui. i joined less than %30 of your tournaments you created. i think %70 is enough for other players. and usually i team up with players who i dont know enough. this is an extra chance for other players :)

by the way a new template for you if you are interested. more balanced bonuses for europe and more income.all things are nearly x2 at this template but since players are used to play with 5 income and default bonuses they fails at this template. in my opinion this is a good template for pro players who think about every single army. for pro players i suggest random warlords distribution. here is the link;

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