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map keeps getting set back to development: 3/23/2012 15:09:58

Level 10

I created this map and am trying to make it public but it stays at pending public for a day or so then returns to development.
Is someone rejecting it? If so, is there anyway I can I find out why?
map keeps getting set back to development: 3/23/2012 15:23:25

Level 12
I don't know the answer to your question, but there seems to be quite a few missing connections on your map. Have you tested it with other players yet? You can find some volunteers here:


Here are the missing connections that I found in just a minute of clicking:

N9-N13? N17-N13? (These are corner connections, but they sure look like they should connect. There are more like this too.)

Also, I believe Fizzer usually sends out an email when he rejects maps, but I'm not certain. Might want to check.
map keeps getting set back to development: 3/23/2012 15:34:43

Level 46
To the best of my knowledge "pending public" actually means "waiting for Fizzer to take a look at it and approve/disapprove it". More than likely Fizzer is disapproving it for some reason (either that or you're running into some kind of bug). It strikes me as odd he wouldn't tell you *why* he's not approving it.
I'm not a map maker myself, so not familiar with the details of how Fizzer usually provides feedback on maps he sends back to development, but ehm, did you check your email account (the one associated with your profile, where you also receive reminders about it being your turn and the like) and see if there's anything there?

Also, did you check the [map requirements](http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Map_requirements)?

Missing connections:
- WC <--> SE1
- SE1 <--> SE5
- NW1 <--> NW3
- W2 <--> W10 (probably)
- W12 <--> W14 (probably)
- SW3 <--> SW10 (probably)
- SE1 <--> SE5
- SE14 <--> SE 16 (maybe)
- E16 <--> SE28

(didn't look at E, NE and N).

Also, NW1 and W1 are "primarily" part of the "Sorting Offices" bonus, instead of the NW, W bonus, which means they get drawn with a black edge, instead of a dark blue, light blue one. This can be easily fixed with one of the following methods (I'm sorry, I always keep forgetting which is the correct one; begin with the first, as it's the quickest):
- Remove (just temporarily, don't worry) NW1 from the NW bonus, then add it to the NW bonus again. If its border is now dark blue you're done, otherwise, try the second version,
- Remove (just temporarily, don't worry) NW1 from all its bonuses, then add it to it's "primary" bonus again first (NW), then *after that* add it to all other bonuses it should belong to again.
Apply whichever method worked to W1 as well.
map keeps getting set back to development: 3/24/2012 10:27:24

Level 10
Thanks for the info guys

My warlight emails were going into my junk folder so I wasn't seeing Fizzy's comments.
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