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Can't create games: 1/1/2019 21:48:21

Level 55
just spend like 2 hours fleshing out some diplo game, I can't create games

It says (when I try to save the template or create a game):
Could not connect (warzone could not connect to the servers etc etc)

this has been going on for quite some while, my internet works perfectly fine nor do I see any reason why my firewall would be blocking this.

Somebody else have this problem and knows how to fix it?
Can't create games: 1/1/2019 23:17:29

Level 63
Have you exceeded the limit of most open games you can host at one time?

If you haven’t:

    1) Refresh the page
    2) If that doesn’t work:

      2.1) Restart your router/modem -> refresh page
      2.2) Restart your device -> refresh page
      2.3) If none of the above work, send a bug report Help->Contact->Report Bug (https://www.warzone.com/ReportBug)

Posts 1 - 2 of 2