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How can I search for a player?: 1/1/2019 05:37:24

Level 52
Hello guys.
I am incredibly new to the forums and the web version of WarZone. And I am finding rather unpleasant difficulty in finding the search bar for finding players. I met up with a mod in a Discord Server and we want to play a match. Too bad it took me longer to search to add friend him than he'd like to take. Can you guys assist me in finding it and now in the multiplayer matches?

How can I search for a player?: 1/1/2019 06:44:32

Level 62
Take a look at https://www.warzone.com/Forum/106092-mulis-userscript-tidy-up-dashboard.
After performing the instructions, go to any multi-player page and click the Search button.
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