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[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 16:37:36

[20] The Commissioner
Level 2

3v3 Europe: RR --> Final Four Tournament (Single-elimination)
2v2 Middle Earth (LOTR): RR --> Final Four Tournament (Single-elimination)
1v1 East Asia & Oceania: 2 Divisional RRs --> Big 8 Tournament (Single-elimination)
Points: 1 Win = 1 Point


Player (Total Points So Far)

[WM] Szeweningen (12)
Lobstrosity (11)
Richelieu (11)
Unknownsoldier (11)
Sakelar (10)
Flyfisher (10)
Heyheuhei (10)
[20] Wini (10)
Salah ah-din (10)
13Chris37 (7)
Fatih Sultan Mehmed (7*)
Rubik (7)
[中国阳朔] V (7)
Monsehnor Chacina (6*)
Zibik21 (6)
Eitz (5)
Ribena (5)
Blue Precision (4)
Lollipop Guild (3*)
Aziridine (3*)
Ruthless (2*)
Myhandisonfire (2*)

* = Teammate or Self Is Often Booted or Limited Participation

League B: League B's Season 1 will determine who should be in League A, who should stay in League B, and who will not be invited to Season 2.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 17:26:04

Level 56
* = Teammate or Self Is Often Booted or Limited Participation?

6/22 ~= 27% lol
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 17:39:45

Level 55
Nice. I'd also add this:

(1) League A and League B will each be limited to 20 players in the second season. There might also be a League C, which would bring the total number of players to 60 or so.

(2) League A's #1 through #15, League B's #1 through #5, and a few top players will be invited to League A's games. For example, it is likely Bumblebee, Bishes, and Aquaholic will be invited to League A next time (the first season's division of players was based on voting).

(3) Anyone else will be invited to League B's games.

(4) Maps for the second season:
- 1v1: Ancient China or Modified Medium Earth
- 2v2: Imperium Romanum
- 3v3: Middle East
- 4v4: East Asia or Africa or Europe 1600
- Each season will have a new map until all of WL's top maps have been used. Then, the next time the map is used for our season, it will be for a new format (ie, if the map was first used for a 1v1, its next usage would be for a 2v2 or 3v3). Other maps to be used in subsequent seasons: Scandinavia (1v1 or 2v2), East Confines (2v2 or 3v3), Italy Medium (1v1), Poland Big (3v3, 4v4), Troll's United States (1v1, each state = 1, bonuses = 0), Chaos' Four Kingdoms (1v1, 2v2), etc.

(5) Teammates for next season:
- 2v2: #1 with #20. #2 with #19, etc.
- 3v3/4v4: #1/#19/#10, #2/#20/#9 (or something like this to avoid having the same teammate twice), etc.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 17:49:32

Level 60
How about we make a closed vote or an inside discussion about the maps? There are many more options I think. For example I think Imperium Romanum may be very good for 2vs2, but in some distribution modes Greece is overpowered. How about you invite [20] members to a closed discussion, eliminate season 1 settings and make a vote for all the others?
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 17:50:42

☾✯ Salah ad-Din ☾✯
Level 48
send myhand to league Z plz. i dont want such a bad player at this league
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:00:21

Level 54
You will not be invited in my league Z! No matter how bad you play.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:03:27

Level 54
hey if you dont throw me out, does that mean i get teamed up with sze next league?
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:04:22

Level 54
and you forgot to make an asterix behind heyheuhei cause of me :/
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:04:25

Level 60
So we established, that myhand will be forced to play with himself? We already knew that :)
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:06:48

☾✯ Salah ad-Din ☾✯
Level 48
monsenhor chacina played only 2 or 3 games. his ai is better than you myhand. i am sure he would give his 3 points if he was here. what a shame. :) but dont be upset i will help you to improve your skills.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:12:56

Level 55

Each new season will have 4 maps: 1-2 familiar maps, 2-3 unfamiliar or less familiar maps. The best players are the best bc they can adjust to any map provided the settings have nothing special/crazy about them.

If you want a discussion, go ahead and invite people to a game to chat. Get a majority of votes for any map other than the ladder maps/settings and we can do that. If you can't get a majority or can't be bothered to be more active, I'll just pick from among the 16 maps that are worth using.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:14:20

Level 60
Btw., those final non-rr tournaments, will they have seats (like in play-offs) or standard random 1st round?
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:15:31

Level 60
Also I can't invite more than 6 players into a game, so making a chat-game is possible for members only.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:27:37

Level 55
Buy a membership then! lol

You mean seeds (Final Four: #4 vs #1, #3 vs #2)? That'd be cool. We could do that. Though I don't think it really matters, for a couple reasons. (1) Player 1 is good, my team or I beat him when he's an AI, you lose to him when he is not. I get a slightly better seed but might not deserve it. (2) Tournaments allow us all to see the results, have a chat feature, and have a few other benefits. (3) Who makes the games? Will they be made in a timely manner?
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:36:22

Level 55
Maybe HHH's name should look like this:

Heyheuhei# (10*^+)

* = Teammate or Self Is Often Booted or Limited Participation
^ = Joined strong teams to upset the team balance bc he didn't read the chat lol
# = HHH
+ = He smoked everyone in his 1v1 RR
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:37:17

Level 55
I guess # does special things and + does too...
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 18:51:42

Level 4
Can i join league B?
This looks interesting
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 19:07:40

Level 55
Lykus, 20 is for good/great players. Invite one of the top players to a game. Beat them 40% of the time and you're in. But don't invite me please. Based solely on your post-October stats (likely inflated from 10% to even 30% due to weak competition), I don't think you'd be especially competitive in League B.

Otherwise, myhand might let you join League Z.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 21:15:13

Level 5
I'd love to be invited to whatever basement league is being considered, but not if it means having to hear from Lykus about how much he hates Christians.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 21:35:40

Mostly Harmless 
Level 55
20 is really strict on who they let in. Only the best of the best are alllowed.
As an alternative, I'd say check if there'll be a new edition of proving grounds. The current tourney is nearing its end, and it helped me a lot with my games.
But the creator, emgzapper, has been inactive for a while, so I don't think there'll be a second season.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 22:26:10

Level 4
Winning 40% against a top A-member would be competitive with group A...?

I've played a bunch of [20] members that apparently were in the B group. I don't know my exact win % but i could go look it up if you give me a list of all B group members.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 22:39:08

Level 55
By 'top players' I mean guys who will be invited to season two's leagues. The first season's B League was a try-out for some: 20 had just started, there were open spots; not all will be invited to the second season. If you beat guys who will not be invited again it doesn't mean much.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 22:41:21

Level 55
Szewen, do you feel the heat? I just got another win:

[WM] Szeweningen (12)
Richelieu (12)
Lobstrosity (11)
Unknownsoldier (11)
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 22:47:25

Level 4
How are season 2 B players going to be determined?
By beating a Top A player 40%? Then why isn't that person in A?
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 22:52:56

Level 60
Haha, you know I love good competition. Very nice of you to post those results, it'll give me more motivation for later games. It seems I have one less game finished though, so more pressure on you... #1 on both ladders and the founder... nobody expected me to claim the spot :)
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 23:01:20

Level 55
You aren't very good at the 2v2 map. So you have a good deal of pressure! lol The only pressure I have is to take the 1v1s a bit more seriously. But I predict you'll be knocked out of the single-elimination tournament early, so I won't have to care about that!
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 23:04:06

Level 60
Lykus, of course who is in which league will not be always objective and most [20] players were voted in or just invited. The thing is most good players play with and know each other. Most players in [20] are tournament veterans and those who choose who to let in and who are not invited will always be biased. You are welcome to invite me to a best of 5 game (preferably standard strat 1vs1, but any setting that gives enough strategic options will do), we will see what happens after that. I'm sure it's nothing personal, Gui just has a few names in mind, I also would have some suggestions so there is no way to know every good player in the warlight community. I am more than sure that if you beat me Gui will reconsider.
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 23:08:38

Level 60
@Gui, I hope I get you in my first round match (if you scored place 1-4 in 1vs1 league) :)
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 23:48:14

Level 55
* (remove) [20] AquaHolic [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [20]BishesUpInErr
* (remove) [20]Dariush
* (remove) [20]ken hai (idle for 5 days 8 hours)
* (remove) [20]Wini (idle for 10 days 10 hours)
* (remove) [GeZyS] GMC
* (remove) [REGL/20/WM] Mentysh The TagMaster [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [REGL/X] MilitaryManiact27 [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM/X] Mek Blaze [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM] Artham [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM] czajnik
* (remove) [WM] Dazed & Insane [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM] NoobSchool [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM] Ottarinn
* (remove) [WM] Pershing [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM] Red [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [WM] szeweningen
* (remove) [X] Jinxed
* (remove) [x] rosston
* (remove) [x]Cluster
* (remove) [ZBEK/44] San-Sayan [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [中国阳朔] V [WarLight Member]
* (remove) [中国阳朔]Chaos [WarLight Member]
* (remove) ☾✯ Salah ad-Din ☾✯
* (remove) ‡† Gnuffone the unbeatable
* (remove) 13CHRIS37 [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Ace Windu [WarLight Member]
* (remove) alababi [WarLight Member] (idle for 2 days 20 hours)
* (remove) Azazel [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Aziridine
* (remove) Batman
* (remove) Blue Precision [WarLight Member]
* (remove) BumbleBee :) [WarLight Member]
* (remove) bytjie [WarLight Member]
* (remove) chas [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Chewie [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Crazystan [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Dr. TypeSomething [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Eitz [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Elucidar [WarLight Member]
* (remove) EZPickens
* (remove) falcrum
* (remove) fatih sultan mehmed
* (remove) FBG - Gaspumper [WarLight Member]
* (remove) FBG-Dragons [WarLight Member]
* (remove) FlyFisher
* (remove) fwiw [WarLight Member]
* (remove) geeksada
* (remove) grona
* (remove) Heyheuhei [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Honey Badger
* (remove) Janneke the Brewer
* (remove) Julkorn [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Kajman
* (remove) Kokopelli
* (remove) Kruel [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Lao Da
* (remove) Lil Eitz [WarLight Member] (idle for 5 days 4 hours)
* (remove) lobstrosity [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Marcovian
* (remove) Math Wolf [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Maturzysta
* (remove) Mian [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Mohikanin (idle for 2 days 8 hours)
* (remove) Monsenhor Chacina [WarLight Member] (idle for 70 days 13 hours)
* (remove) MontpellierCaCraint
* (remove) mosquitero
* (remove) Mroow
* (remove) myhandisonfire
* (remove) NuckLuck [WarLight Member] (idle for 2 days 7 hours)
* (remove) Oberführer Meyer
* (remove) Oliebol [WarLight Member]
* (remove) orinocoflows [WarLight Member]
* (remove) PaniX [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Rafal
* (remove) Ragingpikey [WarLight Member]
* (remove) rayguns
* (remove) Ret
* (remove) Ribena [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Richelieu [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Rubik87 [WarLight Member]
* (remove) rupio
* (remove) Ruthless [WarLight Member] (idle for 2 days 17 hours)
* (remove) Sakelar
* (remove) Samurai [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Sheriff Bouncy House Jr. [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Soyrice [WarLight Member]
* (remove) supersaiyan
* (remove) sweetness69
* (remove) TeddyFSB [WarLight Member]
* (remove) The Denzyman [WarLight Member]
* (remove) The Impaller [WarLight Member] (idle for 6 days 8 hours)
* (remove) The Lollipop Guild
* (remove) The Window Cleaner [WarLight Member]
* (remove) unknownsoldier [WarLight Member]
* (remove) warpig
* (remove) Waya [WarLight Member]
* (remove) willkay98
* (remove) WL Fanatic [WarLight Member]
* (remove) Ye Olde English (idle for 7 days 5 hours)
* (remove) Yeon [WarLight Member]
* (remove) zaeban [WarLight Member] (idle for 11 days 8 hours)
* (remove) zibik21 [WarLight Member]
* (remove) ρωη | tгσςкєгz [WarLight Member]
* (remove) ρωη | мαятιη [WarLight Member]
* (remove) 大哥 the Offender [WarLight Member]
[20] LEAGUE STANDINGS: 3/20/2012 23:51:25

Level 55
108 people. I will invite them all to [20]'s second season. About 40% or so will decline the invitation for a variety of reasons (too busy, too many games, only play real-time, afraid to compete against strong players, dislike me, only know how to play 1-2 maps well, dislike RRs, etc.).

Who did I miss?
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